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The Author

Lisa Monde – playwright, director, composer, actress, singer. Lisa began her directing and acting career in Europe. After touring with renowned European theater companies, Lisa moved to NYC. There are eight CD’s with original songs, a great number of concerts, performances, and radio/TV broadcasts in Lisa’s portfolio. Lisa is also the author of dozens of musical compositions for theater and film, as well as eight staged musicals and seven plays.

Her love for Medieval poetry and, especially, Francois Villon, has inspired Lisa to create several shows dedicated to the life and works of Villon: Francois Villon, Three Days in Paris: The Musical (2010) and I Know All Save Myself Alone (2012), I Cry You Mercy Everyone (2014) – which are the results of long years of researching the poet’s life and creations.

Having gained a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Musical Theater Performance, Lisa has always admired language and music, and the beautiful combination they make in theater. Starting from 2006 she has written and published over 50 theatre related articles, some of them were published in the most prestigious scientific and cultural magazines. Two educational books by Lisa Monde came out in 2011 – «The Health of the Singer’s Voice » – a richly illustrated tutorial for singers, and the «Acmeology of the artistic performance », in which the issues of the highest achievements of Musical Theatre performers are being analyzed.

Memberships include: SAG-AFTRA, DGA, CID (UNESCO), AFM, AGMA, NACUSA.