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Ever since early childhood, Lisa Monde has been studying dancing, singing and music professionally. Later she has acquired a Higher Philological Education and defended her thesis concerning the issue of the Musical Librettos’ Translation (bachelor’s degree – master’s degree), also has a Ph.D. in Musical Pedagogy (vocal singing).


Lisa is fluent in English, French, German, also speaks Italian and Russian.


Her solo career as a composer and singer began in 2004. In her portfolio there are: 8 CD’s with author’s songs and instrumental music, a great number of concert performances, broadcasts over the air, TV rotations of music videos, dozens of musical compositions for cinema, theatre and radio broadcasts, as well as 5 staged musicals (with original music and libretto): «Songs about Fairytales» (2007), «Moscow-Paris» (2008), «L.O.V.E. Little Odd Voyage of an Extraterrestrial.» (2009), «Francois Villon: three days in Paris.» (2010), «The Pirate Story» (2011). Lisa is also the author of several symphonies, operas and a ballet.


Lisa is the author of 8 musical librettos, several books for Musical Theatre shows and plays, including the Historical Drama “I Know All Save Myself Alone”.


The area of her scientific interest is Musical Theatre. Starting from 2006 up to present she has written and published over 50 scientific works, some of them in the most prestigious scientific journals. Two books by Lisa Monde have been published in 2011 – «The Health of the Singer’s Voice » – a richly illustrated tutorial for singers, and the «Acmeology of the artistic performance », in which the issues of highest achievements of the Musical Theatre performers are being analyzed.


In 2008 Lisa starts her pedagogical activity as the vocal coach. She worked with vocalists, actors, children, that were to participate in the production of various Kids Musicals. The results of her teaching were registered in the form of patents. In cooperation with the Institute of Modern Arts and the New York Film Academy Lisa has prepared a DVD, a video teaching guide – the master class on the vocal styles in Musical Theatre.


Since 2009 she lives in New York, USA, where she has graduated from the New York Film Academy (Musical Theatre Conservatory Program) as well as studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (Acting).


Memberships: CID (International Dance Council, UNESCO), Dramatists Guild of America, NACUSA, AFM and AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artists).